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Bucks Chess Grading

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Dave Turner is the Grading Officer for the BCCA). He is responsible for collating the results of official matches and providing details to The English Chess Federation. Graded matches include the Bucks Chess League, the Bucks Individual Championship, and any other rated congresses and tournaments which come under BCCA jurisdiction. The Chiltern League has a separate grading officer.

The ECF charge a fee for results posted by the grading officer. Up to date details of the amount charged can be found here. Note that fees are quoted per result where a result is a half-game.

The ECF provides General Notes about the grading list, which includes information on how grades are calculated. If you're interested in converting between ECF, FIDE and ELO ratings, the ECF also provides conversion rules. Bear in mind however, that chess titles such as International Master (IM) or Grandmaster (GM) aren't based on an individual's grade. Instead, qualifying competitions are held as described here.

It is a condition of entry to graded events that players agree to their grading information being published here and on the ECF Website. Players not wishing to have their details published on the ECF website should contact the ECF office directly and obtain an opt out form, or may download the online version.