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Aylesbury 1 Nominations 2005-2006

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Aylesbury 1

Captain:Name:Nick J Butland
Tel:01296 433 672
Work:01296 732 150
Addr:24 Coppidwell Drive, Aylesbury, HP21 9QF
Player nominations:WDL
172420EHans-Peter Hansen410
115311APaul McIntyre012
132154HMatthew P George321
135405LBrian D Shipley213
163084CChristopher G Hansell
107796LNick J Butland4 (+1*)31
Upfloats to this team:WDL
110727GBasil G Foot202
145926AEugene Bolduc233
193031LAndrew Huxley030
119194KJoan Gardner003
108157DAndrew P Challinger001
259393CShane Clarke002
119813AR Chris Stothert101
234893HPaul Baker100

(*) Numbers in parenthesis are results due to board defaults