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Wycombe & Hazlemere 1 Nominations 2005-2006

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Wycombe & Hazlemere 1

Captain:Name:Jonathan T Melsom
Tel:01494 562 306
Mob:07765 186 614
Addr:2 Chiltern View, Saunderton, High Wycombe, HP14 4HX
Player nominations:WDL
182869BPhilip J Makepeace342
259390HCyril Foster323
250023BAndrew Lewis241
115652EMichael J Mobbs313
258020CColin M Walker3 (+2*)32
187886ENigel Harrison010
Lubos Molnar3 (+1*)22
Upfloats to this team:WDL
115422KJonathan T Melsom6 (+1*)20
231028ERichard Evans100

(*) Numbers in parenthesis are results due to board defaults