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Wycombe & Hazlemere 2 Nominations 2005-2006

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Wycombe & Hazlemere 2

Captain:Name:Gerald S Pierce
Addr:22 Pinions Road, High Wycombe, Bucks HP13 7AT
Mob:07989 880 783
Player nominations:WDLU
115422KJonathan T Melsom1 (+1*)308
231030CCharles Evans120
117134DGerald S Pierce820
225952HBeaummont Tang3 (+1*)02
225193ABrian Somers101
231028ERichard Evans7121
194603BPhil Giles110
Upfloats to this team:WDL
134481LNeville Belinfante101
112656JAndrew W Hill6 (+1*)01
230729HEdward P Basham3 (+1*)00
245535DIlya Iyengar200
226913CDavid Saunders100
172763BMichael Porter1 (+1*)02
182876KAdam D Bailey010
214249BMalcolm Instone101
James Ellis201
Peter Lowe002
Milos Markovic0 (+1*)00

(*) Numbers in parenthesis are results due to board defaults