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Wycombe & Hazlemere 3 Nominations 2005-2006

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Wycombe & Hazlemere 3

Player nominations:WDLU
134481LNeville Belinfante3432
112656JAndrew W Hill0107
230729HEdward P Basham6243
245535DIlya Iyengar6102
226913CDavid Saunders9221
172763BMichael Porter7203
Upfloats to this team:WDL
182624EMichael Firth3 (+1*)02
255108BSamuel Walker300
182876KAdam D Bailey001
231414KGarry Tang001
233370DPaul Basham101
164119AAndrew Eastwood201
214249BMalcolm Instone001
246018LMatthew J Saunders001
254912JJoseph Walker001
251185LJonathan Hankinson001
Nick Wheeler-Robinson100

(*) Numbers in parenthesis are results due to board defaults