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Bucks League Fixture Calendar 2009-2010

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September 2009

Wed30/09/2009 Bourne End 1vsBourne End 2
Rearranged from 07/10/2009

October 2009

Tue06/10/2009 Aylesbury 1vsBerkhamsted 1
Thu08/10/2009 Slough 1vsGerrards Cross 1
Mon12/10/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 3vsWycombe and Hazlemere 2
Tue13/10/2009 Aylesbury 3vsAylesbury 2
Wed14/10/2009 Bourne End 3vsSlough 2
Wed14/10/2009 Berkhamsted 2vsGerrards Cross 2
Tue20/10/2009 Aylesbury 1vsWycombe and Hazlemere 1
Wed21/10/2009 Bourne End 2vsSlough 1
Wed21/10/2009 Berkhamsted 1vsGerrards Cross 1
Mon26/10/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 2vsBourne End 3
Tue27/10/2009 Aylesbury 2vsGerrards Cross 2
Wed28/10/2009 Bourne End 1vsAylesbury 1

November 2009

Mon02/11/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 1vsBerkhamsted 1
Tue03/11/2009 Aylesbury 3vsWycombe and Hazlemere 3
Wed04/11/2009 Bourne End 3vsGerrards Cross 2
Rearranged from 12/05/2010
Thu05/11/2009 Gerrards Cross 1vsBourne End 2
Mon09/11/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 3vsAylesbury 2
Wed11/11/2009 Bourne End 3vsAylesbury 3
Wed11/11/2009 Berkhamsted 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 2
Thu12/11/2009 Gerrards Cross 2vsSlough 2
Mon16/11/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 3vsBourne End 3
Tue17/11/2009 Aylesbury 1vsSlough 1
Wed18/11/2009 Berkhamsted 1vsBourne End 2
Mon23/11/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 1vsBourne End 1
Tue24/11/2009 Aylesbury 3vsBerkhamsted 2
Mon30/11/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 2vsGerrards Cross 2

December 2009

Tue01/12/2009 Aylesbury 2vsSlough 2
Wed02/12/2009 Bourne End 1vsBerkhamsted 1
Thu03/12/2009 Gerrards Cross 1vsAylesbury 1
Thu03/12/2009 Slough 1vsWycombe and Hazlemere 1
Wed09/12/2009 Bourne End 1vsSlough 1
Wed09/12/2009 Bourne End 3vsAylesbury 2
Wed09/12/2009 Berkhamsted 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 3
Thu10/12/2009 Gerrards Cross 2vsAylesbury 3
Mon14/12/2009 Wycombe and Hazlemere 1vsGerrards Cross 1
Tue15/12/2009 Aylesbury 1vsBourne End 2
Thu17/12/2009 Slough 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 2

January 2010

Wed06/01/2010 Bourne End 3vsBerkhamsted 2
Thu14/01/2010 Gerrards Cross 1vsBourne End 1
Mon18/01/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 2vsAylesbury 3
Wed20/01/2010 Bourne End 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 1
Wed20/01/2010 Berkhamsted 2vsAylesbury 2
Thu21/01/2010 Gerrards Cross 2vsBourne End 3
Thu21/01/2010 Slough 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 3
Mon25/01/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 3vsGerrards Cross 2
Wed27/01/2010 Bourne End 2vsBourne End 1
Wed27/01/2010 Berkhamsted 1vsAylesbury 1
Thu28/01/2010 Gerrards Cross 1vsSlough 1

February 2010

Mon01/02/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 3
Tue02/02/2010 Aylesbury 2vsAylesbury 3
Thu04/02/2010 Gerrards Cross 2vsBerkhamsted 2
Thu04/02/2010 Slough 2vsBourne End 3
Mon08/02/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 1vsAylesbury 1
Thu11/02/2010 Gerrards Cross 1vsBerkhamsted 1
Thu11/02/2010 Slough 1vsBourne End 2
Mon15/02/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 3vsAylesbury 3
Wed17/02/2010 Bourne End 3vsWycombe and Hazlemere 2
Wed17/02/2010 Berkhamsted 2vsSlough 2
Thu18/02/2010 Gerrards Cross 2vsAylesbury 2
Tue23/02/2010 Aylesbury 1vsBourne End 1
Wed24/02/2010 Berkhamsted 1vsWycombe and Hazlemere 1
Thu25/02/2010 Gerrards Cross 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 3
Rearranged from 07/01/2010

March 2010

Mon01/03/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 2vsBerkhamsted 2
Tue02/03/2010 Aylesbury 3vsBourne End 3
Wed03/03/2010 Bourne End 2vsBerkhamsted 1
Thu04/03/2010 Slough 2vsGerrards Cross 2
Tue09/03/2010 Aylesbury 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 3
Wed10/03/2010 Bourne End 1vsWycombe and Hazlemere 1
Wed10/03/2010 Bourne End 2vsGerrards Cross 1
Rearranged from 24/02/2010
Thu11/03/2010 Slough 1vsAylesbury 1
Wed17/03/2010 Berkhamsted 2vsAylesbury 3
Thu18/03/2010 Gerrards Cross 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 2
Thu18/03/2010 Slough 2vsAylesbury 2
Mon22/03/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 1vsSlough 1
Tue23/03/2010 Aylesbury 1vsGerrards Cross 1
Wed24/03/2010 Bourne End 3vsWycombe and Hazlemere 3
Wed24/03/2010 Berkhamsted 1vsBourne End 1
Tue30/03/2010 Aylesbury 2vsWycombe and Hazlemere 2
Rearranged from 12/01/2010

April 2010

Tue06/04/2010 Aylesbury 3vsSlough 2
Rearranged from 05/01/2010
Mon12/04/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 2vsSlough 2
Tue13/04/2010 Aylesbury 2vsBourne End 3
Thu15/04/2010 Slough 1vsBourne End 1
Mon19/04/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 3vsBerkhamsted 2
Tue20/04/2010 Aylesbury 3vsGerrards Cross 2
Wed21/04/2010 Bourne End 2vsAylesbury 1
Thu22/04/2010 Slough 1vsBerkhamsted 1
Rearranged from 14/01/2010
Thu22/04/2010 Gerrards Cross 1vsWycombe and Hazlemere 1
Mon26/04/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 2vsAylesbury 2
Wed28/04/2010 Berkhamsted 2vsBourne End 3
Thu29/04/2010 Slough 2vsAylesbury 3

May 2010

Tue04/05/2010 Aylesbury 3vsWycombe and Hazlemere 2
Wed05/05/2010 Bourne End 1vsGerrards Cross 1
Wed05/05/2010 Berkhamsted 1vsSlough 1
Thu06/05/2010 Slough 2vsBerkhamsted 2
Rearranged from 29/10/2009
Mon10/05/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 1vsBourne End 2
Mon10/05/2010 Wycombe and Hazlemere 3vsSlough 2
Tue11/05/2010 Aylesbury 2vsBerkhamsted 2