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Bucks League

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Steve Law is the Bucks League Controller. He is responsible for arranging the league fixtures each year, for collating match results, and resolving disputes.

Rules of play are described in the BCCA's Constitution and in the ECF's FIDE Laws of Chess. As there are normally no arbiters present during team matches, it is up to the individuals playing at any given board to understand the rules and to stop the clock and complain should their opponent transgress them.

All fixtures are played at the venue of the first named team and start between 19:30 and 19:40 on the date given. Venue locations can be found on the Chess Clubs page.

***** The latest league results are now available on a new website.
A new window or tab will be opened in your browser. Various report options are available (top right button).
Thanks to Steve Law for this functionality. Bucks news and Individual results will remain on this site for the moment.

Note: It is a condition of entry that players agree to their grading information being published here and on the ECF Website. Players not wishing to have their details published on the ECF website should contact the ECF office directly and obtain an opt out form, or may download the online version.