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Bucks County Chess Association

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The Buckinghamshire County Chess Association governs affiliated Bucks Chess Clubs, the Bucks League and Bucks Individual competitions, and manages Bucks Grading. The BCCA is affiliated to The English Chess Federation and to the The Southern Counties Chess Union. The officers are:

President: Position Vacant          Chairman: Paddy Collins
Secretary: Position Vacant          Treasurer: Joe Priestley
Chiltern Division One (Open) Match Captain: Ian Hall          Chiltern Division Two (U150) Match Captain: Ian Hall
                           Conductor of Club Championship:   Steve Law
Conductor of Individual Championship:   Dave Turner          Junior Coordinator: Ray Sayers
Delegate to ECF: Jon Melsom          Delegate to SCCU: Jon Melsom
Accounts Examiner: Duncan Clarke          Webmaster & Grading Officer: Dave Turner

The Executive Committee consists of the President and the Officers (excluding the Auditor and Webmaster & Grading Officer), and one representative of each club not already represented by an eligible officer. The Secretary of the Berks and Bucks Congress will also join the executive if already a registered member of the Association.