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This page contains the latest news from the Bucks League Controller.

May 23, 2011 Bucks League 2010-2011 - Controller's End of Season Report

The latest report from the controller is now available.


March 26, 2011 Bucks League 2010-2011 - Controller's Report

The latest report from the controller is now available.


February 19, 2011 Bucks League 2010-2011 - Controller's Report

The latest report from the controller is now available.


January 24, 2011 Bucks League 2010-2011 - Controller's Report

The early exchanges after Christmas have seen little change in Division 1, with Bourne End 1 and Wycombe & Hazlemere 1 inflicting predictable defeats on their respective second teams. However, Aylesbury have served notice of a second half surge by defeating Berkhamsted, which might well signal the end of the title bid from north of the border, and renewed hope for north Bucks.

South of the border (but only since 1974), and in the 'downstairs division' Slough 1 are making a convincing bid to return to the top flight with a 100% record after 5 games. The chasing pack are trading points between them, with Wycombe & Hazlemere 3 on course for their best points total since 2005-6, provided they don't run out of players.

This week in Division 1, Bourne End 1 should win comfortably against Wycombe & Hazlemere 2, and Gerrards Cross will probably be strong favourites away to Bourne End 2. Aylesbury 1 v Wycombe & Hazlemere 1 may help clarify whether the title is to be retained by the existing champions or whether the league leaders can hold onto their hard earned lead at halfway.


December 23, 2010 Bucks League 2010-2011 - Controller's Report

The sense of personal despair at throwing away the league title has long since lifted, but my computer took slightly longer to recover from its sulk. Apparently it essentially all came down to a rook and pawn ending in the match Bourne End 2 v Aylesbury. Enough said, but watch out for a belated roundup of stats in the New Year.

So give or take a few postponements, its nearly the halfway point in this year's club championship which has been a little more unpredictable than last season. A personal and unofficial reflection on what has happened so far.

Aylesbury 1; The defending champions started the campaign by winning against Wycombe & Hazlemere 1 (yawn), but evidently distracted by off the board activities and the challenge of 'hunt the venue' have lost tricky but winnable away fixtures against Berkhamsted and Gerrards Cross. Victory against Wycombe & Hazlemere 2 opened the account at their new and hopefully permanent venue. Need to win their home games if they are to get back into the running, but plenty to play for.

Berkhamsted 1: A bit stop start, a win against Aylesbury and a draw with Bourne End would normally be regarded as good results but offset by losing at home to Wycombe & Hazlemere side which seems to have overcome its raditional fear of crossing the county boundaries. [ See SL v Wycombe & Hazlemere results for further evidence]. Nevertheless are tucked into second place at the turn of the year. Chances of making further progress will probably be clearer after the trip to Aylesbury early in the New Year.

Bourne End 1: Players out of form or out of the country has meant they no longer seem the threat of recent years, but should never be taken lightly.

Bourne End 2: Division 1 is very hard work, and have yet to win a match although struggling valiantly. Appear locked in a relegation battle with Wycombe & Hazlemere 2.

Gerrards Cross: Proof that at least one Australian can organise a winning team. On grading the fifth strongest side but until faltering at Berkhamsted in the last division match of 2010 had the chance to lead into 2011. Sadly unable to raise their strongest side for that match.

Wycombe & Hazlemere 1: Having dumped the league controller after his failings last season, the season got off to the worse sort of start with a narrow win over Wycombe & Hazlemere 2 and then defeat by Aylesbury 1. Since then have upped the performance level and ground out four more wins. But after last year will be taking it one game or one move at a time. [ Regular readers will note the absence of references to Christmas trees this year]

Wycombe & Hazlemere 2: The weakest team in the league regularly gets hammered, but has edged ahead of Bourne End 2 by winning the four pointer at home. So just need to survive the return fixture?!

And its not about just about the team score, so special praise to Vassos Georgiou who has played all 6 games for GX 1 and scored 5/6 the only player scoring above 80% from 6 games.